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The Sun trines Saturn and Pluto — this is a natural pause to see what we have accomplished, most specifically since January 1 at the new Sun—Saturn synod. We know that we need provisions for the long trek ahead, and now is a perfect moment to stop and acknowledge what we have integrated thus far.

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Saturn trine the Moon and Sun: In some important personal storyline, we may have developed more resiliency than we know. Saturn in Capricorn has an echo for me of stories of Tibetan Buddhist lineages whose followers intentionally sought the highest and most severe mountain conditions for retreats, and to spend time with the teacher. I heard a teaching about one such event from the 16th century where conditions were exceptionally arduous and yet concurrent with supremely life-giving teachings.

I know that some of us have had difficult conditions in retreat situations — not usually survival on a mountaintop, but various struggles with sleep and loss of familiar comforts and schedules. There can be a connection between difficult circumstances and meaningful inner experience. I sometimes think that, as a species or maybe my particular sub-group , we are getting hardier and more able to thrive under challenging circumstances.

For some of us, a defined view of ourselves may have reached the breaking point — and the best option may be to trust the disruption, knowing that we are not stuck but open to whatever life brings next. So, I offer a toast at this lunation cycle: May we realize the benefit and eternal sustenance that is now, and always, within reach. The past few days have seen some heavy-hitting aspects — transiting Saturn, the South Node, and Pluto all together Capricorn and lit up by the Sun. To be more specific: On April 10, the Sun squared Saturn, followed by the solar square to the nodes and Pluto on April Although in my immediate life I am surrounded by friends and clients who are experiencing overwhelming or sad situations the Capricorn planets are in my natal 3rd house , I want to step back and look at a few people in the news in the past few days for some broader planetary storylines and hints of what may lie ahead.

Billie Eilish December 18, Sunrise: a. In interviews, she sounds exceptionally clear and mature, and her moods include great tenderness she has a lovely and emotionally expressive voice and forebodingly dark expressions of grief and loss. The Moon conjoined Neptune at a. And here is another story with interesting timing: Pete Buttigieg announced that he is running for president on April 14 at p. He was born on January 19, in that city. Pete Buttigieg January 19, Sunrise: a. Buttigieg has natal Saturn conjunct Pluto square the nodal axis; having a nodal return now, he is very tied to the mood of the moment — as well as to the upcoming exact Saturn conjunct Pluto.

Buttigieg announcement April 14, p. I hope these brief notes about a few people in the news this past week will be useful, hopeful, and helpful. Have a good week, everyone.

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The year-old pop star brought her signature moody vocals and goth-tinged sound to the big stage, and the audience could not contain themselves. Without a birth time, we can see her current prominence, in part, by transiting Jupiter, dispositor of her Sagittarius Sun, opposite natal Saturn in December , and conjunct natal Pluto most of this year , before reaching the Venus and the Sun in October and November. Comments Off on People in the News Permalink. I hope you find something that helps to give a great start to the week.

Esoteric Astrology , produced by Monadic Media, is a one-hour introduction to the subject with four different speakers, accompanied by graphics and music. The seven sister stars of the Pleiades and Sirius are also very important in this approach, which considers the long cycles of the evolution of consciousness and, in essence, tries to understand how the soul wants to pattern the nature of consciousness in the life. It is truly the science of relationships; human, planetary, zodiacal and stellar.

He includes the traditional and esoteric rulers of each sign, the Rays that are connected to each, and the higher and lower influences within each of the zodiac signs and their respective Rays. There are many talks and videos of the late Jungian psychologist James Hillman — on the web some uploaded from the Intellectual Deep Web.

We play the mind game of opposites — red or blue states, religion or science, winning or losing — and fail to find a third way. Searching out the meaning of the symptom might release us from this stalemate. On-the-ground community building, voting and governing the government, Hillman believes, could help us reclaim an Earth-based culture and more decentralized society from our stalemated, empire-building nation.

This is audio only. Everything truly terrifying about it is being laid on the table of collective consciousness. The author looks at the chart for the time of the call to law enforcement and the natal charts — with asteroids — for the two adults involved. Another article at the same website is on the recent Boeing plane crashes.

There is also a horary section where the astrologer employs methods from Guido Bonatti and William Lilly. Uranus can be our saviour, our liberator from past mistakes. It awakens a more radical knowing enabling us to recalibrate the future and create a sustainable world to replace a dysfunctional one. It inspires trust when working with public matters on a daily basis.

I really hope the best for you in libra weekly horoscope 27 june.


I love being a capricorn!!. If your love mate is born on 2, 11, 20 or 29, then his orher number is 2. Has an intense inner life hidden under a veneer of impassivity. You may have had a powerful sense of knowing from an early age, experienced prophetic dreams, or perhaps grown up in an environment where the women in particular were known for their psychic or healing abilities.

One interesting example is willard r.

source It has an apparent visual magnitude of 1. Month 28 6 months 50 year. That's right-- this astrologer consults her numerologist regularly. The composite numbers in the above list are enormous, since Parapsychological research, behavioural and brain science, 10, But you do not accept to be contradicted, and you do not tolerate errors and defeats. The destiny number is normally used to discern how strangers and distant friends see a person regardless of their actual behavior or traits.

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About Terence Guardino. With 30 plus years as a practicing astrologer, Terence Guardino's intuitive Weekly Video Forecast Week of February 19th, Terence Guardino, professional Western and Vedic Astrologer since Your FREE Astrology Transformation Guide → uvujibyfam.tk

Consented to it, as the best arrangement i could make. Death was most likely on sat 1 jul bc pm, which was 1 tammuz, the same as her son. And affectionate companion who is protective and always reliable. Usually scorpio iii bosses. In contast to the orange- red.

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Obviously, as with astrology, there is a fine balance between the sun, moon and earth. Take terence guardino weekly horoscope jule 26 care of your diet. Although generally they do not like confrontation, cancers are not above seeking revenge against those that hurt.

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But not being able to ascertain where i was. They are often artists, musicians, writers and thinkers-- and typically have an innate ability to create a bond with whomever it is they are communicating. The fact that legislation in many countries, perhaps even departing from basic principles of their constitutions, has determined not to punish these practices against life, and even to make them altogether legal, is both a disturbing symptom and a significant cause of grave moral decline.

Him or her stop to think occasionally before leaping to conclusions. You may be setting yourself up for disappointment and conflict when you do this especially when your expectations don't measure up to reality. A certain danger exists when some of these attributes become too strong. Jupiter represents expansion and power, benevolence, large vision and generosity.

World's work for an equivalent share in the world's wealth, and the twelfth. British indian ocean territory. They are also elegant, generous, tenacious, oversuspicious, merciless, sceptical, competitive, hedonistic, and romantic.

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Bridal Horoscopes - Taurus. Download Horoscopes by Astrology. Get popular videos from Top 50 Astrology Youtube Channels delivered directly to your email inbox. Modern Cosmic - Using astrology to help you find purpose, break old patterns and find love About Youtuber Nichole Huntsman is an astrologer with over 20 years of practice, reading 1,s of charts. Next, add the total digits of the birth year and reduce them to a single number. It inspires trust when working with public matters on a daily basis. Rulling Planet:Saturn.

You somehow find peace in the library instead of at your noisy office. Color it varies from greenish to golden, with a series of. There are read more months in pregnancy, 9 initiations during our advancing from a lower stage to a higher stage. Therefore, we will do a detailed and personalized marriage report rather than a computer-based report card.

Generally, your career choice is based on your need to feel valuable and helpful. Emphasis on emotions is being stressed here to drive this point home. Taurus by the-sixthleafclover on deviantart dragons fantasy art. You are entirely capable of having purely platonic friendships with the opposite sex without romantic involvement, but this is not recommended. But any effect that is so hard for science to pin-down that we can't even prove it exists is also next to useless in practice.

If you are not lucky with your present name, better change it. Their tendency to stick leo jule 4 weekly horoscope the standard and remaining on their comfort zone can be the cause of missing out tempting opportunities.

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Indeed, as an action-oriented fire sign, you challenge yourself and succeed in accomplishing the task straight away. And he'll talk so much it will take forever for him to finish his food.