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Wrestling the Dragon: The Meaning and Purpose of the Lunar Nodes

The motion of the Moon's Mean Node is retrograde through the zodiac at the rate of roughly one degree every 19 days compare the 19 year cycle of lunation. I should clarify here that the Moon's Mean Node is always retrograde, but the True Node oscillates according to the Moon's "wobble". These periods of direct motion are considered unfortunate, as they go against the "natural motion" of the nodes.

The Dragon's Tale: Symbolism and the Lunar Nodes

The Mean Node averages this "wobble" out, so giving a clearer picture. The placement of the Nodes illustrates a relationship between the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. The Moon's Nodes mark the points where the path of the Moon's orbit around the Earth crosses the path of the ecliptic the apparent path of the Sun and planets around the Earth as viewed from the surface of the Earth.

sausercielipo.tk As ancient astrologer-priests discovered, Eclipses can thus be calculated by observing the movement of the nodal axis, shown by Dwight Ennis in Eclipses and the Moon's Nodes. As astrologer Carl Payne Tobey discovered in the 's after a painstaking examination of a large number of major disasters, many of the most serious and traumatic catastrophes involving fire, bad weather and loss of life occur in association with eclipses, when the Sun and Moon are conjunct the Moon's Nodes, especially when other unfortunate planetary aspects coincide.

However, not all of these evils are exclusively linked with eclipses, for many are associated with the Sun forming a T-square to the nodal axis, i.

The North Node

This he called a Moon Wobble , because in fact it is when the Moon is "wobbling" in its path by declination. These Moon Wobbles occur every Some astrologers hold that the two weeks before the partile aspect are problematic, with the week following the aspect also being notable in terms of disasters. The significance of the Nodes has been widely underestimated in Western Astrology over the past fifty years or so, due to some extent to the rise of "psychological" or "humanistic" interpretative paradigms that have devalued many traditional features of the astrologer's toolkit.

However, traditional Western astrology along with Vedic, or Indian astrology, places the Nodes on the same critical level of importance as the Sun, Moon and other visible planets.

Rahu (Dragon’s head) Decoded in Vedic Astrology

They are the personal eclipse points of the chart. There is no doubt that this elevation of the Nodes to planetary status is justified, for experience shows that the movement of the Nodes has a very significant effect on human life and on the destinies of all beings who dwell on the surface of the Earth. Believe me, the Moon's Nodes are very important! Negatively signifies thefts, drug addiction, fear, phobia, roughness, fakeness, invasion, greed, and dissatisfaction.

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Jobs related to networking such as Managing a website, social community. In addition to that, all professions related to movie industry such as actors, operators, directors and so on. Occult related works. Ketu is South Node of the Moon and also a shadow, just like Rahu.

Importance & Effects of Ketu or Dragon’s Tail in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) | Kosmic Effect

It is a headless planet and relates […]. Your email address will not be published. Ketu in Astrology symbolizes enlightenment, intuition, past life, transformation, sexual energy, flag, transformation, and falling stars. Saturn in Astrology signifies our karmic baggage, hard work, delay, depression, unexpected success, perfection, discipline, salvation, introspection, and persistence.

The Head and The Tail of the Dragon (The Moon’s Nodes)

Saturn is called Shani in Vedic Astrology. Saturn is the farthest inner planet in our solar Read more….

Venus in Astrology symbolizes luxury, enjoyment of material life, women, love, beauty, harmony, poetry, literature, charm, attraction, affection, lust, vehicles, hedonism, horses, partners, and marriage. Venus is called Shukra in Vedic Astrology and is a Read more….

No lordship As Rahu is a shadow, not a planet, it has no lordships over signs. You are commenting using your Google account.

The ancient times of Babylon and the discovery of the “saros” period

Astrology on the Web discusses the Moon's Nodes, also known as the Dragon's Head and Tail. These are the shadow planets, the karmic markers of the zodiac. Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail. By MELANIE REINHART. The Nodes of the Moon are in focus during the coming weeks, especially throughout August.

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