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Ron Hubbard, and the insight of Nicolaus Copernicus. A routine job never inspires the Pisces and he might even struggle to make the ends meet. He despises the struggle even more than the dreary workday. Unrecognized and disappointed by the ordinary world he might become pessimistic. He may even find comfort in the haze of alcohol or drugs, a habit excruciatingly difficult for a soft Pisces to kick off.

The Pisces man will often be deceptive, creating a facade to hide his vulnerabilities.

here He leans towards being passive-aggressive, choosing to clam up; rather than argue or discuss problems openly. Pisces men make the best of friends. They are very caring, sensitive, and forever ready to listen to your endless problems. The compassionate Pisces will never judge you.

He will empathize and comfort you even when you have hurt him. Loyal and devoted, they are always willing to lend a helping hand and happiest to be of any assistance. In touch with his feminine side, a Pisces man loves to talk and hear you talk. If you are looking for someone compassionate and charming , who understands your every said and unsaid need , you have found your man.

Pisces Personality Traits (Pisces Traits and Characteristics)

Though he needs love more than any other star sign, he is unlikely to make the first move, and his coy manner might come across as passivity. A Pisces man needs a strong, positive woman who likes to dominate a bit, but subtly. Don't be too pushy though as he will feel trapped and swim away.

It is a thin line, but once you break the ice, expect to be delighted by love poems, flowers, and impromptu picnics and socializing. He will be surrounded by friends, day and night, frequently, to share their problems. Unfortunately, negativity has an enormous impact on him and you may find him melancholic, unable to deal with your, or even his own life. Make an effort to draw him away from these people, and he will willingly comply; as he is always eager to please his ladylove. Also, remember to give him space; a little day-dreaming rejuvenates his senses.

These little dreams of his are sacred and trampling on them will only bring out despair. Instead, participate in his fantasies, they will delight you to no end.

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Though as cool as ice, the Pisces man can at times lose his temper, but he will also calm down fast. The Pisces man is a loyal, devoted husband ; and an adoring, fun father. He will make sure to have loads of time for the family, with every moment precious; and the children will forever cherish his wise and patient advice and zillion stories. Gently take charge of the practical matters, and you shall have a well-balanced, happy family with a doting, understanding husband. They are creatively-inclined people.

Expressing their feelings through art comes naturally to them and their vivid imagination means they are constantly coming up with new ideas or ways to do things. Intelligent, talented , and with a highly developed aesthetic sense , they make great artists, be it painting, poetry, or music. Acting allows the Pisces to live out their fantasies and they enrich it through their unique take on it. It may seem counterintuitive for a Pisces to follow a profession which requires much precision and structure, but their ability to look at a problem in new ways has awarded them with terrific success.

It is best that they choose a profession where they can work alone and should avoid getting into tedious, restrictive fields like accounting, banking, or finance.

Pisces (astrology)

If you are employing a Pisces man, give him plenty of freedom. Value his creative thoughts, while ignoring his unpredictability. Also keep in mind that the idealistic Pisces, is very humble and often underestimates his strength and talents.

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As a boss , the Pisces male will be well-respected, even though some will try to take advantage; though he will come up with creative and novel ways to deal with problems. Pisces Children. Men belonging to this sign are incredibly polite but can amuse you for hours with their terrific sense of humor. Often they use this humor to cover their insecurities and miseries from others as well as themselves. Deeply spiritual, the Pisces man, often gets involved in the mystic charms of the occult.

Eastern religions, astrology, palmistry, and numerology provide endless fascination for his mind. If not by poems, he can definitely captivate you by his understanding and interpretation of these alternate sciences. A Pisces child is truly a joy to behold and needs lots of attention and adoration to thrive. Their sweet dimpled smiles can melt any heart, and their fascinating stories will win them many friends.

Eager to please, these little ones will never deliberately hurt anyone. They will attempt to abide by rules even though they make no sense to them; and consequently often fail to follow even the simple ones.

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It is vital that you teach these gentle souls to defend themselves against the bullies, and make sure they understand that people can be cruel as well as loving. Forcing them to do anything will be counter-productive, instead be understanding and patient. Let them flourish with their stories but ensure they have sufficient grip of reality, as you will often find them chatting with their imaginary friends, even in the presence of others!

Compatible Signs. They tend to get along very well with other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. The Libra, so much like the Pisces, fail to understand them; while the assertive Aries may help them open up. The dependent nature of Pisceans will clash with the Aquarius' individuality. The determined and dedicated Capricorns and Taurus are a good match as they give the Pisces stability and security. The Virgo's critical nature, Sagittarius' honesty and Gemini's mischievousness can hurt the Pisces. No one can understand the Pisces better than a fellow Pisces , but the two dreamers need to find a balance between reality and fantasy.

Leo and Pisces fire and water , are definitely not a match made in heaven, and require a great deal of understanding and effort from both sides to work. These traits summarize the intricate and ephemeral Pisces. The easily influenced Pisces is always being pulled in two directions—disillusionment can make them either melancholic; coupled with their unique genius, even dangerous, like the terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

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But often, they end up being fabulous, compassionate beings like Fred Rogers. Share This. Pisces Man in Love.

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